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Persevering Through Every Trial to Provide You with Outstanding HVAC Service

The definition of fortitude is the strength of mind that allows someone to overcome adversity. We understand what it means to face the struggles of life with courage and perseverance; that’s why we chose the name Fortitude. We can overcome any trial, no matter what difficulties are thrown our way.


At Fortitude HVAC, we always work with honesty and integrity. We take pride in our customer service, and love being able to speak to and work with our clients. It is our goal to provide you with outstanding end results, no matter what you need assistance with; this means treating each job with the same level of care and dedication, no matter how big or small. The quality of our service is unmatched, and we’re always aiming to push ourselves to be better. 


Meet the Owner

Corey Jackson is the owner and founder of Fortitude HVAC. He’s always loved taking things apart to figure out how they work, and that passion followed him as he grew. As a teenager, he began helping with plumbing jobs and, as he grew, eventually got into maintenance.


He officially went to school for HVAC services; once he got into the field, he used the skills he’d learned-both from experience and in the classroom-in order to hone his craft and provide high-quality work.


He became respected enough for his craft that he eventually began to train new technicians. Corey is a father of four and is passionate about providing individuals with the same sort of service he’d want for his own family.  He holds a Master Mechanical license, an EPA license, and is fully insured.

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